Plasma sprayed ceramic coatings are widely used for thermal barrier coating applications. Commercially available mullite powder particles and a mixture of mechanically alloyed alumina and silica powder particles were used to deposit mullite ceramic coatings by plasma spraying. Microstructure and morphology of both powder particles as well as coatings were investigated by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Phase formation and degree of crystallization of coatings were analyzed and estimated by using X-ray diffraction technique. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) method was used to study the phase transformation of coatings. Results indicated that the porosity level in the coating deposited using mullite as initial powder particles was lower than that deposited using the mixed powder particles. The crystallization degree of the coating deposited using the mixed powder particles are higher than that deposited using mullite powder particles. DTA curves of coatings deposited using the mixed powders have showed some phase transformation due to the crystallization of the retained amorphous phases such as mullite and alumina in the coatings. The degree of crystallization of both as sprayed coatings was significantly increased after post deposition heat treatments.

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