In the past years a number of publications reported about Titanium coatings cold sprayed with a nominal power input between 17 to 47 KW (e. g Kinetiks 4000) reaching gas temperatures of maximum 850 °C and gas pressure of maximum 4 MPa. In a recent study at Helmut-Schmidt University (HSU), a Kinetiks 8000 prototype was used to spray titanium, employing a nominal power of about 92 KW to increase the gas temperature up to 1000°C at a pressure of 4 MPa. Under these parameters, a high tensile strength of over 480 MPa and a deposition efficiency (DE) close to 100% were achieved. The present study focuses on further enhanced gas and particle velocities by optimized nozzle designs. The increased particle velocities in comparison to that obtained by using commercial nozzles (types 24, 51) result in better coating performance and allow deviations from ideal (90°) impact angle without significantly reducing coating strength. The influences of process conditions are evaluated and discussed on the basis of coating strengths by Micro Flat Tensile and Tubular Coating Tensile tests, as well as electrical conductivities, nitrogen and oxygen contents.

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