Thermal spraying of pure SiC is difficult due to decomposition issues at elevated temperatures. However, the development of suspension plasma spray opens a new path to investigate the deposition of this material since the liquid carrier can hinder this phenomenon. The present work investigates a new route for producing SiC submicron structured coating by suspension plasma spraying (SPS). Classical SiC manufacturing routes using suspension (i.e: spray drying, tape casting) are studied regarding their feasibility to be used on suspension plasma spraying. Aqueous-based suspensions containing 10 wt.% SiC powder (0.60 µm) along with sintering additives are dispersed and stabilized. Both suspensions are sprayed on martensitic stainless steel substrate (AISI 440C) to achieve finely structured and dense coatings. Digital image analysis, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy are utilized to characterize the coating microstructures. Their dependency on suspension characteristics and spray operation parameters are discussed with respect to the final coating performance.

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