In this study, carbide-based cermet (WC-Co, WC-NiCr, Cr3C2-NiCr) coatings were prepared by thermal spraying and efforts were made to explore the laser remelting effects on the coating microstructure, hardness, adhesion and tribological behavior under different conditions. Results obtained showed that under elected remelting parameters, laser-treated coatings exhibit denser structures and improved microhardness with smaller variability, as well as enhanced adhesion strength between coating and substrate arising from metallurgical element diffusion. In dry sling condition, HVOF sprayed WC-Co coating after laser remelting showed superior wear resistance, however, contrary to the lubricated condition, which may attribute to more lubricant stored in as-sprayed coatings with higher porosity. Solid particle erosion tests suggested that anti-erosion property of plasma sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr coating by laser remelting are increased, regardless of erosion velocity and angle. Additionally, the wear loss of laser-treated coating increased with erosion velocity, but due to its improved ductility shows no obvious relation to the erosion angle changing from 30 to 90 degree, which is accordance with the wear surface observation and tribological mechanism analysis.

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