High velocity oxygen fuel has been used as fabrication technique for manufacturing aluminium coatings reinforced with different weight percents of silicon carbide particles on Mg-Zn alloys used as substrates. The aim of the investigation is to improve the tribological performance of the ZE41A magnesium alloy. The parameters of the thermal projection system have been optimized in order to maximize the SiC particles incorporation in the aluminium matrix of the coating. Pin-on-disc tests were developed to characterize the tribological behavior of the different specimens. Minor degradation of the magnesium alloy was achieved after . Composite coatings with thicknesses of about 120 µm, reinforced with about 10 wt.% and with high adhesion to the substrate were achieved. After the coating parameters were optimized, the wear rate of the magnesium with the composite coatings decreased by two orders of magnitude in comparison to that of the uncoated magnesium alloy.

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