Microstructure and mechanical properties of 7075 Al alloy matrix and SiC reinforced composite coatings deposited on a T6 6061 Al alloy by cold spray are investigated. Feedstocks are prepared as mixtures of 7075 Al alloy and SiC powders with SiC content varying between 0 to 40 vol. %. Microstructural characterization is carried out by optical and scanning electron microscopic examinations and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. The coatings mechanical behavior is evaluated using hardness measurements and wear tests. Wear tests are conducted under dry conditions using a ball-on disc tester under atmospheric conditions. The presence of SiC improves the coatings hardness and wear resistance when compared to pure 7075 Al coatings. The coating hardness increases with increasing SiC content; however SiC content higher than 10 vol.% does not lead to further increase in wear resistance. In this respect, the optimum composition of the coating is determined to be 92 vol. % 7075 Al + 8 vol. % SiC.

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