The application of thermal coatings in cylinder bores is depending on above all functionality, process reliability and economy of pre treatment of the substrate surfaces. Different removing processes like water jetting or sand blasting are increasingly substituted by mechanical machining. Thereby great importance is attached to functionality and degree of automation. For an assured engine function, high bond strength is required. The roughening process as a modified cutting machining meets the requirements of modern production lines. Removing overspray after thermal coating by a water jetting process, is a further contribution for a higher automation degree. The final machining of sprayed surfaces is effected by a multi stage honing process. The composite structures of thermal coated layers call for high performance diamond abrasives. The finished functional cylinder surface comprehends cavities of thermal coated layer and smooth honing pattern. The technological description of roughening and honing, the process components as well as the machining results will be presented. Pre and post treatment are essential processes, which enable the application of high performance thermal coating materials in friction optimized combustion engines.

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