Thermal spraying is a constantly expanding technology within the surface technology sector, established long time in a wide range of hi-tech applications. Whether in jet engines, in power plants or the printing industry, endless coating requirements can be fulfilled with thermal spraying. However in order to master the “special process” – a term used in international standards and rules – calibrated and monitored systems and parameters are needed. Also, experienced, trained and certified personnel plays an important role to rule such a special process, whose results can only be tested by non-destructive methods to a certain restricted extent. Training and examination of spray personnel is aligned with the respective European training and qualification guidelines of the EWF (European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting). Passing the examination, especially for the thermal sprayers confirms their technical proficiency and skills. Additionally, it clearly influences the worker´s labour input and his quality awareness in the workplace. Compliance with standards like ISO 9001 or GTS-QM-Guidelines, means for companies to have their staff trained, qualified and further educated. Experiences have shown that - contrary to expectations - the complete EWF training is in high demand. Sectors such as aerospace, railway and power plant engineering are also increasingly demanding the qualifications for ETS – European Thermal Sprayer and ETSS – European Thermal Spraying Specialist.

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