GTS is now almost 20 years old and has nearly 200 members from all thermal spray sectors. In this time, a great deal has been accomplished and GTS members are already using those tools GTS has made available to them and which are important for them. Here, the original idea of enhancing the quality of our technology and maintaining it at a high level continues to be an essential building block. In addition, many areas have been accessed in which an association can make more effective progress than each company on its own. With respect to issues such as further education and training, safety, environment, REACH and the compilation of guidelines, to name but a few, this idea has been successfully applied. The work of many in our organization has yielded many fruits and continues to make a difference. However, the benefits for each of us only become visible if we all actively work together. What is central to all the advantages which GTS offers is the candid discussion among its members and the opportunity for each member to quickly find his place in the group and to put these benefits to good use. The fundamental idea which GTS represents has therefore not changed in all this time: a high quality standard, cooperation, education and training, public relations all combined within the association’s guidelines and many working papers which are available to its members.

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