Superior characteristics of the cold sprayed coating have led to many high-tech applications. Until recently, all these applications were carried out using ‘stationary’ systems only, while some applications such as in-situ repair of aircraft body/engine parts require a portable system. Recently a ‘Portable High Pressure Cold Spray System’ called KINETIKS 2000-2 has been developed. This system is capable of 400 C/20 bars nitrogen/helium jet, and produces dense coatings with clean interfaces of many materials. In order to establish the suitability of this process for producing aluminum alloy coatings for aerospace and other high tech industries, various aluminum alloys (CP-Al, HP-Al, 6061 Al, 7005 Al) coatings were produced over many substrate materials (2024 Al, 7005 Al, 4041 Steel, ZE41A Mg). Coatings were characterized using microstructure, bond strength, bend test, corrosion studies, etc. Microstructural study showed that dense coatings with about 2-4% porosity values were produced with clean and well bonded interfaces. Bond strength of these coatings varied between 20 to 35 MPa, Bend test results showed that the coatings have adequate strengths and could withstand severe strain conditions. Salt fog corrosion studies (ASTM B 117) showed that the coatings impart corrosion resistance to the substrates.

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