Up to now no coating systems are marketable in the field of direct hot extrusion, which provide both surface protection of the parts being in contact to the billet (i.e. container and die), and a significant reduction of the frictional losses being induced by the billet passing along the container walls. To dispense the use of lubricants and to enhance the usable forming capacity of the process, different oxide ceramics were given in one suspension and plasma sprayed. The aim is to reach a mixing of the feedstock to obtain deterministic solid solutions of the oxide phases which show a reduction of their coefficient of friction under dry sliding conditions. To reach this goal the high surface-to-volume ratio of feedstock with primary particle sizes below 100 nm was used. By means of X-ray diffraction it could be proven, that the desired phases could be synthesized. The coatings showed a considerable lowering of their frictional coefficient in tribological testings against 100Cr6 in the region of the operation temperatures for the hot extrusion of aluminium alloys. Besides the experimental work the fundamentals of the mixing process of different oxides regarding crystallographic aspects are discussed.

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