HVOF sprayed coatings are widely used to improve the service life of machines components. Influence of spraying parameters and different kinds of materials on coatings properties have been investigated in many works. Our investigations concern properties of HVOF sprayed two tungsten carbide coatings after applying electrospark deposition process (ESD). After finishing microstructure of sprayed coatings were changed by applying tungsten carbide electrode. Changes of microstructure and properties of the sprayed and post ESD process coatings were analysed with a scanning microscope JOEL JSM-5400. The element distribution was analysed with a microprobe ISIS 300 Oxford Instruments whereas phase composition was analysed by diffractometer D8 Advance (BRUKER). The roughness of coatings was measured with Talysurf-4, whereas Matuzawa MMT-X3A was used to study changes of their hardness. Ball on disc tester and dry abrasive rubber wheel tester were applied to estimate coefficient of friction and wear resistance of sprayed coatings before and after EDM process.

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