The combination of thermally sprayed hard coatings with a polymer based top coat leads to multilayered coating systems with tailored functionalities concerning wear resistance, friction, adhesion, wettability or specific electrical properties. The basic concept is to combine the mechanical properties of the hard base coating with the tribological or chemical abilities of the polymer top coat suitable for the respective application. This paper gives an overview of different types of recently developed multilayer coatings and their application in power transmission under dry sliding conditions. State of the art coatings for dry sliding applications in power transmission are mostly based on thin film coatings like DLC or solid lubricants, e.g. MoS2. A new approach is the combination of thin film coatings with combined multilayer coatings. To evaluate the capability of these tribological systems, a multi-stage investigation has been carried out. In the first stage the performance of the sliding lacquers and surface topography of the steel substrate has been evaluated. For this purpose case-hardened steel substrates were laser textured and coated with different sliding lacquers. In the following stage thermally sprayed hard coatings were tested in combination with different sliding lacquers. For this test stage steel samples were coated with oxide ceramics, metal alloys and hard metals by high velocity flame spraying (HVOF) and high velocity suspension flame spraying (HVSFS). After a grinding process several types of sliding lacquers were applied by air spraying on the coated specimens. Wear resistance and friction coefficients of combined coatings were determined using a twin disc test-bed.

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