In this work, a LCA based on Eco-indicator 99 methodology was used to compare the environmental impacts and benefits of thermal spraying (including APS, HVOF, Flame and Cold Spray) carried out with materials which could be used in application to resist against wear and/or corrosion. The comparison was carried out using the SimaPro 7.2 software, and it was focused on all stages necessary to build the coating, i.e. extraction of raw materials, production of powder, transport, surface preparation, thermal spray operating, until the end of life, as well as emissions (solid, liquid and gaseous) at each stage of a process. As a major result, it appears that the lifetime of the coatings plays a high role. If a coating needs to be regularly replaced or if failure of the coating decreases the lifetime of the component, this almost impact on the LCA. Moreover, there is an influence on the nature of the resources used to build the coating, as well as on the end of life strategies.

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