Mechanical properties of WC-Co coatings prepared by cold spraying (CS) and warm spraying (WS) have been studied with changing material parameters of Co content (12~25%), powder size (-45+15 and -20+5 µm) and WC particle size (0.2 and 1.8 µm) in this paper. The study reveals that a formation of undesirable phases such as W2C, W, and amorphous or nanocrystalline Co-W-C (eta) phase has been suppressed in the CS and WS coatings. Both coatings have high hardness, which is comparable to or superior to HVOF coatings as well as higher density (low porosity) than the HVOF. Abrasion wear test has shown that WS coatings has higher resistance than CS coatings within this study. As for powder properties, smaller powder and smaller WC particle sizes are effective to produce hard and dense coatings leading to higher wear resistance.

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