ZrOCl2•8H2O and NH4OH were regarded as original materials to prepare zirconia sol by co-precipitation, and nano-zirconia coatings were prepared by sol plasma spraying. The structure of the coatings was analyzed by SEM, XRD, and influence of power and stabilizer, concentration and dispersed phase on the coatings was investigated primarily. The result showed that the sol was non-crystal structure after spontaneously dried, the coatings were mixed of nanostructure of monoclinic and cubic phase after plasma jet heated. Increasing power decreased the content of non-crystal phase, adulterating yttria had good crystal phase stabilization, and the content of monoclinic phase decreased greatly. Coatings were denser when higher concentration and ethanol qua dispersed phase were used. Porosity of coatings decreased prior and increased later along with concentration increasing.

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