In our previous publications the preference was given to develop the theoretical fundamentals which could be used for rapid and sufficiently accurate prediction of thickness and diameter of splat vrs the key physical parameters (KPPs), i.e. temperature, velocity and size of droplet, and substrate temperature. Theoretical solutions derived have permitted to obtain the number of practically useful consequences are of interest for thermal spray technology in context of sensitivity analysis and establishing the inverse link between the splat characteristics and KPPs. For constructive solution of the feedback problem, there are formulated the essence of this notion. The natural basis is the requirements imposed on splats as elements of the mesostructure, from which the coating is formed in the course of spraying. This approach, realized as subsystem “SPLAT”, allows one at the first stage of designing a coating to concentrate the attention on the space-time characteristics of splat formation. After comprehensive evaluation of the operation room of KPPs, providing the formation of splats required, subsystem “SPRAY DEPOSIT” allows one at the second stage of designing a coating to predict its lamellar structure and functional characteristics (porosity, adhesion, cohesion etc.) taking into account a variable surface topology at splat by splat deposition.

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