NiCrAl/ZrO2-8Y2O3 coatings deposited on SUS304 stainless steel and 45 carbon steel substrates were prepared by APS at different preheating temperatures, of which thickness exceeded 1mm. This study analyzed the coatings’ separation from different preheated substrates in the cooling process after spraying due to residual thermal stress. The Young’s modulus of the porous YSZ coatings was calculated and also measured by Knoop indentation methods for comparison purposes. The result indicated that the failure of porous thick YSZ coatings is mainly caused by the cracks nucleation, propagation and coalescence, which is related to the thermal-expansion coefficient difference between substrate and coatings, preheating temperature, porosity of coatings and so on. Due to their increased porosity, the porous and thick YSZ coatings had much lower calculated and measured Young’s modulus values than the sintered YSZ coatings.

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