Suspension plasma spraying (SPS) is regarded as a promising way to produce new coating structures with improved properties. In this study, SPS was studied as a possible manufacturing process for producing thin MnCo2O4 spinel coatings for used as protective coatings in metallic interconnector plates of SOFC’s. Suspension of nanosized MnCo2O4 powder and ethanol was thermally sprayed by using an F4-MB plasma gun with radial suspension feeding. The influence of spraying parameters, such as plasma gas composition, total gas flow, current and spraying distance for coating architecture was studied by using field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and X-ray diffraction method (XRD). Spraying parameters had a strong influence on the coating structure and composition. Coating with the most homogenous structure were formed when sprayed with the low energy spraying parameters whereas high energy parameters resulted in formation of a columnar microstructure containing larger cobalt rich areas.

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