The FeAl intermetallic compound offers a combination of attractive properties such as thermal barrier, good strength at intermediate temperatures and an excellent corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures under oxidizing, carburizing and sulfidizing atmospheres. So they have attracted considerable attention as potential candidates for structural and coatings applications at elevated temperatures. However, the application of these intermetallics has been limited due to lack of deposition techniques and their low ductility at room temperature. To overcome the drawbacks we apply Low Pressure Cold Spray (LPCS) with following sintering for improving coating ductility and structure. The aim of this paper is to present the first results of FeAl intermetallic compound synthesis with this technique. A CS deposit is built up by the successive impact of individual powder particles that are the ‘‘building blocks’’ of the deposit. Sintering is applied to utilize reactions between the particles and obtain complex intermetallic compound. The microstructures and properties of the coatings were characterized by SEM, EDX and thermal diffusivity tests to define the structure formation mechanisms.

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