Magnesium coatings were deposited upon aluminum and stainless steel substrates by cold spraying. Three Mg powders with different particle size distributions were used as feedstock. The microstructures of as-sprayed coatings were evaluated by optical microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. The coating observations show that a main gas temperature has an important effect on the deposition behaviour of particles. Changing the gas temperature from 350°C to 630°C involves an increase of the deposition efficiency from 1.57% to 19.57%. The effects of the particle size distribution and substrate material on the deposition efficiency of particles were also investigated. The results show that the particle size distribution has a significant effect on the deposition efficiency of particles which increases from 19.57% to 59% when the mean particle size decreases from 63 µm to 38 µm under gas temperature of 630°C. However, the deposition efficiency of particles was slightly influenced by the substrate material. In addition to these experimental results, the in-flight particle velocities were simulated by FLUENT software to point out the effects of the gas temperature and particle size distribution.

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