High velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) thermal spraying and atmosphere plasma spraying (APS) were using to deposit a nickel aluminum (NiAl)/ hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) composite coating. The hBN powder was added to the Ni-5Al coatings to increase the lubrication property of the coatings. The hBN material was added to the NiAl alloy powder after either blending or ball milling to create the NiAl/hBN composite powders. The NiAl/hBN composite powders were than deposited as NiAl/hBN composite coatings. The velocity and temperature of the in-flight particles during thermal spraying were monitored using a DPV 2000 instrument. The morphology, microstructure and composition of the coatings and powders were analyzed. The coatings with the best lubrication and most uniformly deposited microstructure were formed when the NiAl/hBN coatings were deposited using the atmosphere plasma spraying method.

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