The characterization of thermal sprayed coatings is often limited to microstructural analysis to evaluate the coatings morphology. Indentation is commonly used to determine the mechanical properties of different kind of engineering materials. However, due to the complex structure of thermal sprayed coatings few results have been obtained so far. This is the second of two papers concerning the intrinsic mechanical properties of arc-sprayed WC-FeSiCMn coatings. In part 2 experimental nanoindentation tests and simulation results are compared. The experimental indentation tests show scattering in the force-deformation data due to the complex structure of the arc-sprayed coating which is investigated by means of an indentation test simulation. Based on these results the effective Young's modulus as well as further properties are identified. A general procedure is presented to predict the effective mechanical properties of different coating composites based on the microstructure, porosity and properties of the chemical composition after thermal spraying.

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