Microstructures and properties of electrical arc sprayed cored-wired coatings were investigated and compared in this work. Three types of cored-wired studied were WC-Ni, WC-Fe and nano WC-Fe The as-received cored-wire were characterized prior to be sprayed. In-flight particles were collected during spraying in order to reveal particle morphology and size distribution forming splats. Size distribution analysis of the filler particles showed that nanostructured WC-Fe had a comparable mean filler particle size with that of the WC-Fe and were larger than that of the WC-Ni. The difference in filler particle size of starting cored-wire was well correlated with the in-flight particle size produced. Nano WC-Fe cored wire coating had the lowest porosity and roughness compared to others with a comparable hardness to WC-Ni cored wire coating with rather different coating microstructures.

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