Particle-at-impact parameters in Cold Spray are governed mostly by gas flow parameters. However, the location of the powder injection can be used as independent factor to modify particle-in-flight parameters. Calculations and experiments confirm strong influence of the location of the powder injection on dynamics of particle acceleration and heating. Application of this effect for cold spraying of multicomponent coatings is a new and promising approach. The general scheme of spraying of two-component mixture composed of hard-sprayable and easy-sprayable components proposed as follows: The hard-sprayable component is injected into the subsonic part of the nozzle at a gas stagnation temperature favorable for this material to start the coating formation alone. The zone of injection of the easy-sprayable component is determined in such a way that the particles of this material have, at the nozzle outlet, values of temperature and velocity sufficient for the coating formation at the selected gas stagnation temperature. New design of spraying nozzle for the above purposes is proposed and discussed.

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