Combined damage of cavitation and abrasion is one of the serious problems that affect lifetime and performance on hydraulic machineries and its components. Thermal spraying as a surface hardening and protection technology is required to protect hydraulic components, such as water turbine and radial flow pump, in general. Detonation sprayed coating with high abrasion resistance is one of the promising solutions as the protective coating against combined damage of cavitation and abrasion under solid-liquid double phase liquid conditions. In this study, NiCr-Cr3C2 and WC12Co coatings on the No.45 steel substrate surface have been formed by detonation spraying with the same technological parameter and their properties such as microstructure and microhardness have been studied. The cavitation and abrasion behavior of coatings and the substrate has been investigated using a self-manufactured rotating disk system. The resistance properties of cavitation erosion and abrasion have been illustrated and analyzed with the substrate by the cumulative mass loss curves. The results indicate that, the resistance properties of cavitation erosion and abrasion of NiCr-Cr3C2 coating are the best.

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