Recently much research work has been undertaken worldwide to develop iron base materials which can be used for thermal spraying of anti-wear coatings. Besides economical ideas reasons exist like health- and environmental aspects for the usability of iron base materials instead of Ni- or Co containing carbide coatings. Until now, however, iron base materials showed a worse life time under abrasive wear compared with conventional carbide coatings like WC/ CO or NiCr-CrC. This article presents the research work on new iron base materials for wear protection purposes. Thereby, the focus is set on high carbon containing iron-chromium base alloys which solidify under the formation of primary carbides. The material development included the study of different additional alloying elements. The relation of different chemical compositions and their typical microstructure to the wear behaviour is presented in this paper, too. To follow an integral way for the evaluation of the wear behaviour both powders and cored-wires could be produced. Therefore the wear tests considered coatings produced via HVOF, PTA and arc-spraying.

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