Thermal cycle resistance of Ni-20Cr, Ni-50Cr and CoNiCrAlY coatings manufactured by air plasma spraying was investigated according to a Japanese Industrial Standard "Testing method for thermal cycle resistance of oxidation resistant metallic coatings (JIS H 8452)” established in 2008. The specimens were exposed at 1000 °C and 1093 °C in air under cyclic heating and cooling condition up to 100 times. The thermal cycle resistance of oxidation-resistant metallic coatings was found to depend strongly on the testing temperature and the chemical composition of the coating materials. In the thermal cycle test at 1000 °C, the remarkable failure was not observed in any specimen. However, in the thermal cycle test at 1093 °C, although the Ni-20Cr coating caused the spalling on the whole surface of coating, the Ni-50Cr and the CoNiCrAlY coatings exhibited the excellent thermal cycle resistance even after applying the thermal cycles of 100 times, The CoNiCrAlY coating showed the mass gain with increasing the numbers of thermal cycle due to the preferential oxidation between the splats of the thermal spray particles. Furthermore, the failure behavior of specimens was investigated in detail by SEM, XRD and EPMA etc.

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