Functionally graded coatings (FGC), in which the composition and properties vary gradually from the bond layer to the top layer, are introduced in this study. Using a mixing nozzle, a graded coating was generated employing twin wire spraying (TWAS) process. The deposition started with a base layer of massive metallic wires for better adhesion to the substrate. At following top layers hard material, in form of powders, was injected to the massive wires to enhance the wear protection. The results show that microstructure, porosity, and compositions are gradually varied in the coatings. This is a clear indication for the better performance in as-sprayed FGC than coatings sprayed by means of cored wires. The approach was to grade the coating composition from pure metallic to composite with higher content of hard material particles. The goal of the study is to articulate the needed coating performances by customizing the layers deposited regarding to their position.

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