Effect of substrate temperature and ambient pressure of deposition chamber on contact condition between free falling droplet and substrate surface were investigated. Cu droplet and SUS304 substrate were used for the experiment. To estimate the contact condition, temperature history of molten droplet was measured at splat-substrate interface by thermocouples embedded in the substrate and high frequency data logging system. Quantitative porosity on splat bottom surface and degree of circularity of splat shape was evaluated. Splat adhesion strength experiment was conducted and dynamic wetting behavior of substrate by molten droplet was captured by ultra-high speed video. Heating substrate and vacuuming chamber pressure enhanced the heat transfer from splat to substrate, which can be attributed to the good contact at splat bottom surface. Adhesion strength of the splat to the substrate corresponded well with degree of circularity. Consequently, substrate temperature and ambient pressure of deposition chamber have an equivalent effect to contact condition at interface between droplet and substrate surface.

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