Atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) is one of the most promising methods for manufacturing the components employed in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) due to its fast deposition rate and cost-effective characteristics. The anode activity can be improved through increasing the triple-phase boundaries (TPBs) at the electrolyte/anode interface. The active TPBs length, and consequently the performance of the cell, can be enhanced by varying the compositions and microstructure of the APS anode. In this paper, agglomerated powders of NiO and YSZ are prepared by a spray-drying method for preparation of SOFCs anode. The anode was deposited using NiO/YSZ composite powder by APS at different plasma arc power. The influences of plasma arc power on the microstructure and electrochemical performance of Ni/YSZ anode are investigated for the optimization of SOFCs anode.

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