While the improvement in mechanical properties of nanocomposites makes them attractive materials for structural applications, their processing still present significant challenges. In this paper, cold spray was used to consolidate Al2O3/Al nanocomposite powders obtained from mechanical milling. The microstructure and nanohardness of the feedstock powders as well as of the resulting coatings were analysed. The results show that the large increase in hardness of the Al powder after mechanical milling is preserved after cold spraying. Good quality coating with low porosity is obtained from milled Al. However, the addition of Al2O3 to the Al powder during milling decreases the powder nanohardness. This lower hardness is attributed to non-optimised milling parameters for proper Al2O3 embedding and dispersion in Al and results in a lower coating hardness compared with the milled Al coating. The coating produced from the milled Al2O3/Al mixture also shows lower particle cohesion and higher amount of porosity. The overall results are promising and it is believed that an optimization of Al milling with Al2O3 will allow production of sound coatings with improved hardness.

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