In this work, the influence of the substrate temperature on the deposition efficiency and on the coating properties and residual stress was investigated. Pure Al coatings were deposited on Al 6061 alloy substrates using CGT Kinetics 3000 deposition system. The substrate temperature was ranged between 20°C (room temperature) and 375 °C and was kept nearly constant during the deposition while all the other deposition parameters were unchanged. The deposited coatings were quenched in water (within one minute from the deposition) and then characterized. The residual stress was determined by Almen gage method (Ref 1, 2, 3), Modified Layer Removal Method (Ref 4, 5, 6), and XRD (Ref 7) in order to identify both the mean coating stress and the stress profile through the coating thickness from the surface to the coating- substrate interface. The residual stress results obtained by these three methods were compared and discussed. The coating morphology and porosity were investigated using optical and scanning electron microscopy.

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