Cold spray produces superior coatings with many unique properties, which have led to many new applications of sprayed coatings. In a few applications, such as in-situ repair of aircraft body/engine parts, etc., a portable system is required. Though some portable low pressure (5 – 10 bars) systems are available, these systems have many limitations on coating materials and coating qualities. Recently a ‘Portable high pressure cold spray system’, called Kinetiks 2000, has been developed. Kinetiks 2000 system can operate at 400 °C max nitrogen temperature and 20 bars max gas pressure. A touch panel on the console is used to input and control the process parameters. A hand held gun with a filament heater and a gun body, mounted directly onto the heater, is used for manual spray. This system operates with two different powder hoppers. Coatings of many materials, including aluminum, copper, titanium, zinc, etc have been produced. Microstructural investigations of sprayed coatings have shown that good, strong, dense coatings with clean interfaces and strong bonding to various substrates can be produced. Experiments are continuing to quantify the process characteristics and record the properties of sprayed coatings.

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