Damage of marine screw propeller parts made of aluminum bronze cast material caused by cavitation erosion is one of the serious problems. Erosion resistant thermal spray coating on aluminum-bronze material is expected to extend lifetime of such propellers. In this study, Cobalt-based alloy coatings sprayed by; (a) atmospheric plasma spraying (APS), (b) low pressure plasma spraying (LPPS) and (c) high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying and aluminum bronze cast material were evaluated by cavitation erosion test using magnetostrictive cavitation test equipment. Fracture morphology of cavitation eroded coating surfaces were analyzed by surface observations with SEM and also the amount of volume loss was measured. Cobalt-based alloy coatings sprayed by LPPS exhibited superior cavitation erosion resistance compared to aluminum bronze cast material and coatings by APS and HVOF. Moreover, mechanical properties of Cobalt-based alloy coatings were investigated in detail by nanoindentation technique. It is found that cavitation erosion resistance of coatings is subjected to interparticle cohesive strength.

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