Thermal spraying is a continuously growing technology in the field of surfacing, already established long time in many high-tech-applications. In air craft turbines, in power generating technology or even in printing and paper industry, numerous requirements of the coatings are solved with the help of thermal spraying. To rule such a special process, how it is called in the language of standardization, because the results of such processes can only be proofed by nondestructive methods in a very restricted way, you need to use calibrated and controlled equipment and parameters as well as adequately experienced, trained and qualified personnel. The GTS – Association of Thermal Sprayers e.V. was founded with the aim to meet these problems successfully. On one hand the association should promote the profile of the thermal spraying technology. On the other hand the GTS wanted to define a quality standard for TS companies concerning to its quality management system, the spraying procedures and the personnel. These requirements were completed by international acknowledged EWF-training guidelines for supervising personnel and workers up to now. EN and ISO standards in the field of quality management, applications and testing were also created.

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