Metallization of plastics by thermal spraying is studied. The possibility to obtain high adhesion of metal particles to the surface of a wide range of plastic materials is shown. Powders are sprayed with a new generation detonation gun “Dragon” designed at Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS. The apparatus is characterized by a high-precision gas supply system and a dosed localized powder feeding system. Computer control provides a flexible programmed readjustment of the detonation gases energy impact on powder particles which is a key factor in precision control of spraying parameters for low-melting point powder materials. It is found that under certain spraying conditions molten particles of a low-melting point material not only do not provoke erosion of plastic material at their high velocity impact on the substrate but strong-bond fusion, sufficient to further form a thick coating, occurs. Aluminium, zinc and tin powders are sprayed on substrates from fibreglass, polyester, fluoroplastic and some other plastics. Load capacity of the obtained coatings reaches 100 kg/cm2. It is shown that on top of a thin layer from a low-melting point powder material high-melting point metals and even ceramics can be deposited.

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