Plasma sprayed chromium oxides coatings have been widely applied in anilox rolls and pump seal for many years. This paper is researching the effect of nanostructured Cr2O35SiO23TiO2 composite powder preparation when adding nano-size SiO2 and TiO2 powder in Cr2O3 powder, to prepare for through spray drying, high temperature sintering and flame density. The microstructure of powder and plasma sprayed coating are analyzed by SEM and XRD, compared with pure Cr2O3 powder and METCO 136F powder. The Microhardness of the coatings are measured by 402MVATM Vickers hardness tester. Fracture test is used to analysis the ductility of coatings, and the fracture appearance is analyzed by SEM. The result indicates that the mechanical behaviors of nanostructured Cr2O35SiO23TiO2 coating has better performance in the nature of hardness and ductility.

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