A kinetic metallization technique, which is one of the cold spraying systems, has been studied as a new coating system for metallic bond coats of thermal barrier coatings for components used in hot section of advanced gas turbines. In this study, in-situ residual stresses in atmospheric plasma sprayed yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) top coating with two different bond coat spraying systems, deposited by a low pressure plasma spraying and a cold spraying, were evaluated and compared by thermal cycle tests. From the results of 1st thermal cycle, in the case of the plasma sprayed bond coat, a tensile residual stress was observed at the elevated temperature up to 400°C. Relaxation of the residual stress was started beyond 400°C. On the other hand, the gradual increase of tensile residual stress was observed up to 1000 °C in the case of cold sprayed bond coat. In addition, transition behaviors of residual stress between plasma sprayed and cold sprayed coatings were varied in 3-thermal cycles.

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