Thermal spraying technologies take part in the current worldwide scene as serviceable and profitable technologies for a wide range of intents. The growing adoption of those techniques has driven companies to progressive investments in efforts to reach innovative designs and market needs. Wear resistance is among the desired features which certain components must be able to provide while performing. In this context tribology has an outstanding importance, where the adoption of suitable materials and operational parameters jointly contribute for a longer lifetime of parts. This contribution presents a comparison of AISI 1045 (DIN C45) steel surfaces coated by means of arc spray process, employing cored wires as feedstock. Corresponding light microscopy, SEM-EDX, 3Dprofilometry, hardness and ball-on-disk analyses were conducted to understand the tribological behaviour of two unlubricated iron-based layers with and without carbides reinforcement. The results point out equivalent thickness, porosity and as-sprayed roughness for both coatings. Higher hardness and lower friction coefficients for the carbide free coating as well as a downward trend considering the coefficients of friction for coated and uncoated surfaces under heavier loads.

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