Experiments for estimation of influence of microplasma parameters in ZrO2 – coating properties were performed with using of fractional-factorial design of the experiments. Regression equations for determination of the parameters significance and a selection of conditions for a deposition of coatings with specified properties were obtained. Possibility of deposition of ZrO2 - Y2O3 coating with tetragonal phase content 90 wt.% and more without cubic phase content by microplasma spraying was shown. Conditions of microplasma ZrO2-coating spraying with high content of tetragonal phase (93-95%) and porosity (1,3-1,8%) were established. Measurement of microplasma sprayed ZrO2-coating spots has established that the spots have an elliptical shape. Size of major and lateral axis (and also sprayed hill altitude) depends on spray parameters, mainly on amperage and spray distance. Microplasma sprayed ZrO2-coating can be applied for repair of small local defects on thermo barrier coatings and a deposition of zirconia electrolyte layer in solid oxide fuel cell.

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