The coating stresses induced by thermal spray using a High Velocity Gas Fuel (HVOF) and Liquid Fuel (HVLF) gun and a High Velocity Plasma (HVP) gun with the high velocity nozzle are compared using a curvature based in-situ coating stress analysis approach that measures the deflection of a beam while a coating is applied to it. This novel diagnostic tool provides new insights into the internal stresses generated in a coating system during the actual application of the coating. Coatings were sprayed with three process guns and the same material feed stock that result in similar coating structures and properties. HVOF, HVLF and HVP processes induce similar particle energy states at high velocity regimes as measured with particle diagnostic tools during spraying but due to the differences in particle history are expected to result in different coating stresses. In some cases the actual measured stress conditions using the in-situ coating stress method were dramatically different. Analysis is presented to explain the reason for these surprising results. The understanding of these differences will lead to an improved methodology for mapping coating processes from one another along with a more in depth understanding of coating stresses buildup.

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