In modern jet engines, the efficiency of the compressor stages is highly dependent on the clearance between blade tip and casing. In order to improve efficiency of gas turbines (i.e. areo engines as well as land based gas turbines), the gap between the rotating turbine blades and casing has to be minimized. Any increase in the gap results in power loss. Abradable coatings permit a minimization of the clearance and control of the over-tip leakage by allowing the blade tips to cut into the coating. Thermal sprayed abradable coatings aim at a well balanced profile of properties relevant for the application as abradable seals. Amongst others these include: abradability, ageing resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistance, surface finish and bond strength to substrate materials. In this work, abradable coatings consisting of a multiphase material, comprising a metal matrix in addition to a solid lubricant as well as a defined level of porosity, were developed using the Triplex Pro 200 (Sulzer Metco, Wohlen, Switzerland) in order to increase the reproducibility and deposition efficiency. Additionally the influence of the process parameters on coating characteristics such as porosity, hardness and, resulting from this, coating erosion properties and abradability was investigated.

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