Printing machines mirror the art of precise manufacturing and adjusting of fast moving and heavy components with an accuracy of few micrometers. In order to meet the challenge of fast and high quality printing combined with a long lifetime of the machines, the core components transporting the print substrate and the different kinds of ink and other liquids needs to be coated, what is done more and more by applying thermal spray processes. The main requirements cover wear and corrosion resistance as well as suitable wetting and special needs like the ability of laser engraving. Moreover, the coatings are post processed to achieve a sufficiently low surface roughness combined with an appropriate microstructure resulting in a fine structure if laser engraving is considered. This paper will give a review of applications, techniques and materials, which are well-established in printing industry in respect to the specific demands of the case of operation. This covers the surfaces in the printing unit namely the printing and blanket cylinders but also the inking and dampening systems.

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