Three types of cobalt-based cermet coatings were prepared by high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying using cobalt- clad TiC-50Co, SiC-50 Co and WC-18Co powders. The microstructure of three coatings was characterized using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The adhesive strength of the coatings was tested according ASTM C633-79 standard. The hardness of three coatings was measured using a HV-5 Vickers hardness tester. The abrasive wear performance of the coatings was examined by a dry-sand rubber wheel tester according to ASTM G65-61 standard. The results show that the density, thermo physical properties and volume fractions of the solid carbide phases in the spray particle have a significant influence on the adhesive strength of the coatings. The hardness of WC-18Co coating is higher than that of TiC-50Co and SiC-50 coatings and is much lower than WC-17Co coating deposited with sintered-crushed powders. Moreover, the abrasive wear volume loss of the WC-18Co coating is about 60 times higher than that of the WC-12Co coating sprayed by sintered-crushed powder, and greatly lower than that of TiC-50Co and SiC-50 coatings. The wear mechanisms of three coatings are discussed.

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