Ti and Ti alloys can be applied to the steels as a protective coating in view of its excellent resistance to corrosive environment. Cold spraying as a new surface engineering technique has potential advantages in Ti coating manufacturing in comparison with conventional thermal spraying techniques. Ti coatings were prepared on a carbon steel substrate by cold spraying via controlling the process condition variables concluding carrying gas, temperature and pressure. The microstructure of coatings was observed by SEM. Potentiodynamic polarization experiments were performed to understand the corrosion behavior of the coatings. The SEM examination showed that the coatings become more compact with increase of molecular weight, pressure and temperature of carrier gas. Potentiodynamic polarization technique was used to measure the corrosion and electrochemical property of coatings deposited under different process conditions and surface conditions. The polarization curves indicated that the coatings which had lower porosity had lower corrosion current. The polishing treatment peeled the rough outer layer including the small pores as well as decreasing of the actual surface area of the coating, leading to the considerable improvement of corrosion resistance.

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