The Cr3C2-NiCr coatings were sprayed on an AA 7050-T7 alloy by HVOF Thermal Spray Process using AMPERIT 586.054 powder. The substrate was refrigerated during the sample preparation using liquid nitrogen in a device specially designed for this purpose. The spray conditions were also performed increasing the carrier gas flow or the oxygen flow. The XRD and SEM studies showed well-bounded coating/substrate interface, pores, metallic matrix, chromium oxides, carbides, and carbides dissolution into the matrix. The structure comparison between the samples showed a denser structure due to the increase in the carrier gas velocity and the highest carbide dissolution due to the high temperature achieved during the spray process. All samples showed similar wear abrasive behavior, and all of them showed wear rates 7 times higher than the aluminum alloy. All samples also showed corrosion resistance much higher than the AA7050 alloy in NaCl solution.

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