A study was carried out to determine the role of HVOF-spray Ni-20Cr coatings to enhance high temperature oxidation resistance of T22 and 347H boiler steels. Ni-20Cr coatings were deposited on the boiler steels. Subsequently high temperature oxidation behavior of these coatings was investigated by laboratory tests at an elevated temperature of 9000C under cyclic conditions. These coatings were also subjected to a boiler environment at an elevated temperature of 700ºC under cyclic conditions to ascertain their erosion-corrosion behaviour. Thermogravimetric data was taken after each cycle to formulate the oxidation, as well as, erosion-corrosion kinetics. The specimens were also physically examined after each cycle to notice any macrographic physical changes, spallation tendency of their oxide scales etc. The exposed specimens were examined using scanning electron microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS) analysis. It was observed that oxidation rate was subsequently low in the coated substrates as compare to uncoated steels. It was observed that Ni-20Cr coating on 347H boiler substrate showed the maximum oxidation resistance. Moreover, both the steels showed better resistance to erosion-corrosion in actual boiler conditions after the application of Ni-20Cr coating.

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