Flame sprayed Al-12Si coatings were produced onto the surface of composite castings parts in order to enhance the adhesion of such castings. Due to the high surface roughness and the presence of pores in the coatings combined with the formation of an intermetallic phase at the interface, the adhesion of flame sprayed composite castings could be enhanced by a factor of 2 in comparison to blank castings and by a factor of 1.3 when compared to sand-blasted castings. However, results also show that gaps are mostly present at the interface between the Al profiles and the flame sprayed coatings and these gaps have a negative effect on the adhesion values of the composite casting parts. Therefore, an optimization of the adhesion of the coating on the Al profiles through an optimization of both the sand-blasting and the flame spraying parameters would be beneficial for further enhancement of the adhesion of composite casting parts.

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