High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) sprayed WC coatings have been found wide applications as substitutions of chrome plating in the airplane industry. The wear of HVOF WC coated landing gear against Al-Ni-Bronze alloy leads to the wear or spalling of WC particles, and finally results in the degradation of sealing property for landing gear system. WC-Co coating with nano-size WC particles is expected to exhibit good wear resistance, and the weight loss of Al-Ni-Bronze alloy can also be reduced, which is beneficial to the sealing property of landing gear system. Three types of coatings are prepared using agglomerated, sintered nano-scaled WC-12Co, conventional WC- 12Co and WC-10Co4C powders, respectively. The wear behaviors of the as-sprayed coatings against Al-Ni- Bronze alloy are investigated at the different loads and linear velocities. The study is expected to provide the basis for the application of HVO/AF nano-scaled WC coating in landing gear.

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